Department of Quality Assurance

The Yangon University of Economics is committed to assuring and enhancing the standard and delivery quality of its academic programmes and courses, and promoting a Quality of Assurance mentality across the university. Therefore, the Yangon University of Economics was established the Quality Assurance Centre in 2017. The university is practicing the AUN-QA guideline and criteria as its quality framework.

Quality Policy

  • YUEco has established its quality system and is committed to ensuring that it is understood, communicated, and implemented throughout the university and that it is revised annually for continuous improvement

The main tasks of the Centre are as follows:

  • to develop, organize and conduct the self-evaluation necessary for investigation of various aspects of quality in higher education and professional work,
  • to promote continuous collecting of information from the students and the academic staff, and taking corrective action based on this information,
  • To collect, analyze and respond to the reviews and feedback of external and internal stakeholders,
  • to encourage regular discussions on quality and foster the culture of quality within the academic and wider community,
  • To maintain and improve the teaching and learning practices, student learning experience, researches, and community services,
  • To provide guidance and support in implementing and achieving the quality assurance works regarding teaching, physical resources, services, and international accreditation on programme of academic department, and

To effectively deliver student services towards a dynamic learning environment and manage resources for sustainable organizational growth.

Our Vision

  • To be an excellent academic university with quality culture being recognized internationally

Our Mission

  • To ensure the high-quality standards in academic programs that meets the needs of the society and the local and global labour market


  • to enhance the quality culture in the academic programmes
  • to improve the university’s performance and to comply with AUN-QA Framework
  • to take accountability in stakeholders

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