Students who have passed Basic Education High School (BEHS) examination and who apply for admission to the Yangon University of Economics are selected by the Department of Higher Education (DHE) on the basis of aggregate marks and on principles laid down by the Universities Central Council.

Requirements for the First Degree

      Specialization begins from the First Year of the studies. Duration for the first degree is four years. The first degree courses are semester basis in one academic year. The one academic year is divided into two semesters and examinations are held at the end of the each semester. A student is expected to complete a specific class at most within two consecutive academic years. Otherwise, he or she will be permitted to repeat the same examination once more as an external student only in the following academic year. Fourth year students are required to sit for both written and viva voce examinations. In addition, they will be required to submit a term-paper. Students are required to obtain a minimum of Grade Point 3 in each subject. Grading system of undergraduate degree courses and Honours degree courses is as follows.

Grade Point

Sr. No Marks Grade Undergraduate      Courses Grade Honours / Qualifying/ Master / PhD
1 75 and above 5 Pass 5 Pass
2 Between 65 and 74 4 4
3 Between 50 and 64 3 3 Fail
4 Between 35 and 49 2 Fail 2
5 34 and below 1 1


The duration of degree programme are categorized into as follows:

  • First degree 4 years
  • Honours degree 5 years
  • Master degree 2 years
  • Graduate diploma 2 years
  • Doctoral degree 5 years

Requirements for Honours Degrees

      The students, who have passed the second year examination with Grade Points 5 in two core subjects and total Grade Point Average (GPA) for two semesters is required to get GPA 4 and above, are eligible to apply for registration for a Honours classes. Duration of Honours degree courses is 3 years. If the two years for the first year and second year are taken into consideration, the total period of study will be five years. Honours students are permitted to appear for the examination only once. Honours examination consists of both written and viva voce examination. The candidate is able to submit a dissertation. In the written examination, the student must have Grade Point 4 in each subject. The students who cannot fulfill the requirements of written and dissertation will obtain only ordinary degree without honours. Examination results are published according to the following five classes:

  • First Class Honours
  • Second Class Honours (First Division)
  • Second Class Honours (Second Division)
  • Third Class Honours
  • B.Econ / B.Com (Ordinary degree)

 The student, who is not eligible to join honours class after passing the second year examination, will have a chance to try again to proceed to master qualifying classes if he or she obtains CGPA 4 and above for two semesters combined in the final year courses.

 Requirements for Master Degrees

There are two kinds of master degree programmes namely regular degree programme, and professional degree programme. The candidates who are eligible to apply for registration for master degree programmes are as follow:

 Regular Master Degree Programme

A graduate of the Institute who has passed honours examination or the master qualifying examination with Grade Point 4 in each subject is eligible to join master degree programme. A student must follow an approved course of study for a period not less than one year from the date of registration. Master examination shall consist of both written and viva voce. In addition, the candidate is required to submit a thesis. The thesis must be submitted within three years from the date of registration. If the candidate fails to submit the thesis within the given time, the written examination which he or she has taken will be treated as void.

 Professional Master Degree Programme

Yangon University of Economics offers three kinds of professional master degree programme_ Full-time Master Programme, Executive-level Master Programme, and Online Master Programme.

Participants are selected from a broad spectrum of disciplines, diverse background with varying aims and career objectives. Admission requirements to the programme are a Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized university, a pass in GMAT-like (Graduate Management Admission Test) examination and satisfactory interview results.

Details of the course curriculum, contents, credit system of examination, teaching methods, faculty and time schedule are available in a separate prospectus for MBA, MPA, MDevS, MBF, MAS, MMM and MHTM.

 Requirement for Doctoral Degrees

Yangon University of Economics has been conducting PhD programme since 1998. YUE has nurtured 89 PhD graduates and ( 68 ) candidates are attending their PhD courses. The requirements for PhD admissions are as follows:

  • The age must be below 30 years. If he or she has working experience, the age limitation might be waived.
  • 1 year full-time participation is required in PhD preliminary course

For teaching/administrative staff from Ministries

  • A master degree from any recognized university majoring in applied field of study.
  • A pass in entrance written examination and satisfactory interview results are required.
  • A Master of Research (MRes) degree holder is required to sit for interview examination only.
  • If the candidate is a tutor/demonstrator of universities or degree colleges, the working experience must have one year at a minimum.
  • If the candidate is an administrative staff, a minimum 2 years of working experience and research works are required. In addition, the recommendation of his or her Department Head is required.
  • The one year study leave for PhD preliminary course from Director General or Rector/Principal concerned.

For non-government candidate

  • A Master of Research (MRes) degree from any recognized university majoring in applied field of study. Synopsis of MRes and the thesis proposal for PhD (no more than 3 pages) are required. A satisfactory interview result is required.

The candidate who passes the PhD entrance examination might attend 1 year in PhD preliminary course and 4 years for conducting dissertation. The candidate is required to submit a PhD thesis and viva voce is a must.

 Requirements for Diplomas

Applicants for admission to courses for Diplomas must satisfy the following requirements:

The applicant must be at least 25 years old. The applicant must be a graduate of recognized university, and must have at least three years of working experience.

Applicants for admission to the Diploma courses are required to take entrance examinations. Students of Diploma classes are required to submit term papers.